We help clients create digital products that people embrace.

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We are a digital product consultancy with unparalleled expertise in product development, product management, and user experience design, centred around a crafted set of work packages to help clients deliver the right product to market.

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We have delivered digital products across a range of organisations and industries.

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We’re product people.
We provide capability from strategy to execution.


Product Definition

Using current state insights, we begin to address identified problems and audit the experience offered by competitors to ideate on the future state, and define a high-level product backlog.

Product Discovery

Our structured Product Discovery methodology creates an executable plan for the design and delivery of your digital solution, using a combination of workshops, customer insights, journey mapping, and business model analysis.

Product Strategy

Understanding the vision and strategy of an organisation and it’s product portfolio is where our expertise is truly ignited. We devise an executable plan considering perinent challenges and opportunities to enable your success.

Product Validation

We rigorously evaluate the desirability, viability, and feasibility of solutions with users through a series of iterations that identify changes early, exceed customer expectations and enable alignment to maximise speed to delivery.

Executive Advisory

With a deep understanding of digital, our expert executive advisory services provide strategic guidance and support to navigate political landscapes and drive organisational digital transformations.

Service Design

Through deep design thinking, expert business acumen, and technical expertise, we create value devising quality, user-centred experiences that bring your service to life.

UI Design

Specialising in engaging, user centric design, we enrich product experiences with stunning visual hierarchy, consistent aesthetics, and seamless interface designs like no other.

UX Research

Through user psychology and behaviour, our expert experience designers capture and identify the needs, motivations and expectations of users to deliver a premium product experience.

Design Systems

We build world-class design systems equipping teams with a sophisticated, scalable framework of design guidelines, with reusable components, ensuring a consistent and effective product, and brand experience.

Clickable Prototypes

Engage users and stakeholders by simulating use case journeys through clickable prototypes, visually demonstrating the interactions and experiences users will have when using aspects of the product.

Product Management

We’re product managers at heart. We navigate the complexities that come with building products through a range of disciplines, and understand the intimacies of ideation, strategy, design and technology that underpin your products’ success.

Product Ownership

Through our detail-oriented product ownership team, we maximise the impact of your product, concentrate development effort, align with key business objectives, minimise missteps, and consistently deliver value from product inception to execution.

Delivery Support & Assurance

Optimise delivery efficiency, improve communication, and eliminate assumptions with our proactive delivery support that fosters trust, strengthens stakeholder relationships, and nurtures quality team processes and attitudes.

Delivery Readiness

Empower your organisation with the resources, tools, knowledge and skills to deliver powerful products by cultivate a high-performing, collaborative culture that exceed expectations and drives success.

Metrics & Measurement

We help you provide safe and consistent metrics to drive insights, evaluate progress and performance, identify areas for improvement and introduce simple ways where hyperproductive teams can thrive.

Capability Assessment

We assess the skills, experience, background and cultural disposition of product managers and product owners to identify the best talent through our proprietary product capability assessment platform.

Capability Uplift & Recruitment

Build the worlds' best digital team by employing the right people for the right products. We assess product portfolio needs, identify capability gaps in your team, and tailor a development and recruitment plan to help reach your organisational goals.

Ways of Working

By implementing effective business governance, technology principles, and a well-defined operating model, we help organisations enhance their operational processes and promote a more efficient and flexible work environment.

Training & Mentorship

Developing a skilled and capable workforce in an evolving digital landscape has never been so important. We elevate capability through our targeted product management training, face-to-face team sessions, and personalised mentoring experiences.

Service offerings

Concept Design


The Concept Design is a smaller scale service that turns a product idea into a product pitch. In a concept design, a product designer will work closely with a key stakeholder at a business for a short, intense period to turn an idea for a product or solution into app designs that people can see and click on.

Service offerings

Product Validation Sprint


Our unique, proven, eight step process known as the Product Validation Sprint amalgamates some of the worlds' best techniques in driving successful innovation, to help our customers strategise, design and build their awesome digital ideas, whilst minimising their risks and costs.

Service offerings

Product Management as a service


A great digital strategy is redundant unless the skills required to execute the strategy are employed. At SixSix we have experienced Digital Product Managers that can be utilised by our clients to assist with the execution and running of their digital or product strategy.

Service offerings

Product Management capability


Build the worlds' best Product Management team by employing the right people for the right products through our proprietary product capability assessment platform and training program.


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